Israeli Scouts, "BAMIDBAR" Troop, OMER

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About our troop...

Our troop is consist of patrols by the ages of 9 - 18.
When you are at the age of 9-15, you are a young member in a patrol of young members.
From the age of 15 t'ill the age of 18 , you are a senior member in a patrol of senior members.
Every grade in scool has a patrol (or two) and every patrol has a name and guides - senior members.
The guids are getting through a guide course in the 9th grade and in the patrols of the 10th, 11 th and 12 th grades they are guiding.
members from the patrol of the 12th grade are the chiefs of the troop and they are taking care for evreything in the troop with the professional help of three adoult chiefs.

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